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Froggy carded figure


Frank: I opened up to a therapist just once. I was a kid. I got into a fight. The doctor asked me question after question, got me so scrambled up. Next thing I know, I was shanghai'd upstate to a nitwit school. You know what a nitwit school is?

Therapist: I assume you mean a school for the mentally disabled.

Frank (spits pistachio shell): Yeah, not just for nuts in the head, but bodies, too. Back then science was real crude, they stuck us all together. My roommate was a frog-kid. You ever see a frog-kid?

I found the frog kid Frank was shanghaied with at the knitwit school before he got a certificate saying he didn’t have donkey brains.

Custom figure cast in semi translucent resin on custom designed cardback by yours truly.

 Edition of 5